n2003 downloads


Editing toolsVarious Editors
Tons of tools to allow you to edit N2003 cars, tracks, and graphics. [31 M]


GRAND NATIONAL 1970 v2.0Dakota Sim Racing & The Pits
A new (but completely separate) update to our original Grand National 1970…new bodies, damage and levels of detail. Does not require or overwrite the original v1.1. [38 M].

  • GN1970 short track carset ( [3 M]
  • GN1970 no helmet short track carset [13 M]
  • GN1970 no helmet speedway carset [13 M]
  • GN1970 templates (Photoshop) [39 M]
  • GN1970 templates (Painshop Pro) [2 M]
  • GN1970 painting kit for CarViewer [2 M]
  • GRAND NATIONAL 1970 v1.1The Pits Crew
    We’ve finally, FINALLY completed our mod for N2003 to replicate the racing of the (NASCAR) Grand National series [38 M].

  • GN1970 carset – real cars of the 1969-70 season [24 M]
  • GN1970 dirty cars racing grime and tire marks [8 M]
  • GN1970 shorttrack cars (overwrites the superspeedway cars) [3 M]
  • GN1970 templates [39 M]
  • GN1970 painting kit [2 M]
  • GN1970 pit crew changer changes the pit crew to no helmet [5 M]
  • GN1970 no helmet pit crews use with changer (above) [13 M]
  • GN1970 extra cars [24 M]
  • GN1970 Season file (thanks Bruce Kennewell) [3 K]
  • GN1970 3ds Max Scenes (thanks Patrick Jones) [5.5 M]

    AD67 MOD v1.0C-one & The Pits Crew
    C-one had the vision to put together a cool 1967 sportscar racing mod for N2003 [38 M].

  • AD67 templates [8 M]
  • AD67 painting kit [5 M]

    AeroWar 88 v1.1Fred Anderson, Tony Kelley & The Pits Crew
    What started as an editing tutorial, and ended up as one of the most popular mods for N2003; the 1988 NASCAR championship [13 M]

  • AeroWar 88 v1.0 for MAC [17 M]
  • AeroWar 88 v1.1 patch for MAC [4 M]
  • Aero88 hires cars 1 [21 M]
  • Aero88 hires cars 2 [21 M]
  • Aero88 lores cars [7 M]
  • Aero88 painting kit [1 M]
  • Aero88 car templates [5 M]
  • Aero88 extra templates [15 M]

    TPTCC v2.4The Pits Crew
    Our road-racing mod for NASCAR Racing 2003 [21 M].

  • TPTCC paint kit (for Carviewer) [2 M]
  • TPTCC hi-res templates [5 M]
  • TPTCC 3dsmax scenes [4 M]
  • TPTCC templates by Tats [7 M]


    Grand National 1970 TracksWrangler, Rioux
    Wrangler and Rioux have really worked hard to put together some excellent retro tracks from the 1970 Grand National Season.

  • South Boston 1970 [5 M]
  • Bristol 1970 [6 M]
  • Bristol 1970 (night) [7 M]
  • North Wilksboro 1970 [5 M]
  • North Wilksboro (lite) [5 M]
  • Daytona 1970 [9 M]
  • Daytona 1970 (lite) [9 M]

    David Noonan tracksDavid Noonan
    Conversions and original creations by the master himself. Some tracks converted from Papyrus.

  • brands_v1.0.zip [10 M]
  • n2003_lemans_sarthe_v1.0.exe [7 M]
  • n2003_oring_v1.1.exe [6 M}
  • bullrun_102803_t8a.zip (extra work by David “KESSMAN57” Kesterson [6 M]
  • n2003_cleveland_v1.1.exe [6 M]
  • n2003_irp_v1.1.exe [5 M}
  • n2003_nashville_v1.1.exe [5 M}
  • n2003_sboston_v1.1.exe [5 M}
  • n2003_silver_v1.1.exe [6 M}
  • n2003_nashville_v1.1.exe [5 M]

    Dan Olbuck tracksDan Olbuck
    Some of the best looking N2003 tracks out there. Some tracks converted from Papyrus.

  • bridgehampton_v1.0.zip [9 M]
  • limerock_busstop_v4.zip [7 M]
  • limerock_mt_v1.zip [9 M]
  • limerock_park_v1.zip [8 M]
  • riverside_1970_v1.1.zip (conversion by David Noonan) [7 M]
  • owr_riverside_1970_v1.1.zip (conversion by David Noonan) [8 M]

    Ross Pendergast tracksRoss Pendergast
    Some great roadcourses by Ross…excellently detailed and realistic.

  • pocono_north_roadcourse.zip [6 M]
  • portland_no_chicane_v1.0.zip [5 M]
  • sebring_v1.5.zip [7 M]
  • n2003_sebring_night_v4.3.exe (with work by Michael Schmidt) [10 M]

    E4 v1.2Jka
    Interesting fantasy roadcourse, good track. [4 M]

    HallettGreg Renfro
    Real SCCA/NASA roadcourse in Kansas. [6 M]

    Lake AftonGreg Renfro
    Real short & narrow motorcycle course in Kansas. [8 M]

    Lindweiler v1.1Marcel Willert
    Another great fantasy track, interesting layout. [12 M]

    Milano v1.0John Berry
    John has done some superb work getting the vintage Milano circuit ready for N2003. [7 M]

    Nurburgring 1970Thorsten Reuter, Jan Kohl, David Noonan
    The classic just got better. Completely revised from beginning to end, this GPL conversion for N2003 has been restored to how it looked in 1970, before most of the major changes took place. [12 M]

  • v1.1 shadows patch – by Zoli

    Schotten v1.0Nagy Zoltan, John Basara
    Another GPL classic takes a new shine for N2003. This long roadcourse really will have sport-car lovers ready to hit the road. [8 M]

    St. JoviteGilles Benoit, David Noonan
    Gilles original Canadian track for NASCAR 3 and GPL his the scene again for N2003. [5 M]

    Trenton v1.1Tim McArthur, David Noonan
    This original kidney-shaped NASCAR oval was last run in the early 1970s…but now you can run it again for N2003! [5 M]

    NorisringLou Magyar, David Noonan
    Lou Magyar’s original DTM track is now converted to N2003. Makes the best of both worlds…short track and road course! [8 M]

    Watkins Glen (das boot edition)Chris Squier
    Chris finally managed to build what everyone had been wanting for years…Watkins Glen with the boot! Great track, looks just like the original. [1 M]