rFactor mods


GA v1.0Gilles Benoit with AJShoe, Wardog, Speed12 & The Pits
The 1960s Indy cars…a whole breed apart when it comes to racing a car with no downforce, slippery tires around a vintage circuit. Gilles and team has done an excellent job at recreating these steeds of old [80 M]

  • Patch for Indy track by Racer Alex – install these files after Indy track (see below) has been installed.


    TPSCC v3.1 NAWSCAR editionThe Pits
    The stockcars of today ride in rFactor. Super-realistic physics, highly-detailed models make this the best stockcar mod out there. Includes older-styled stock car, modern “car-of-tomorrow” and late-models [284 M]

    Setups and Setup guides

  • Setup Guide
  • 560 SetupsTemplates
  • Templates for all cars – 2006


    NAGT v1.6The Pits
    Major updates to NAGT. Addition of three new cars, many performance, graphical and model updates. Cars in the installer are hi-res cars. Please uninstall previous versions before installing (use uninstaller, see below). Porsche paints from previous versions will NOT work. [383 M]

  • templates for v1.6 cars – [68 M]
  • uninstaller for NAGT mod – [1 k]
  • NAGT v1.6 carsets (not compatible with earlier versions)

  • RX8 paintjobs for v1.6 – by Doug, 3 cars (5 meg)
  • Challenger paintjobs for v1.6 – by Doug & Jan, 4 cars (7 meg)
  • NAGT v1.5 carsets (not compatible with earlier versions)

  • Camaro paintjobs for v1.5 – by Stephen Sinclair, 17 cars (34 meg)
  • SpeedWorld Challenge Carset – 52 original hi-res cars from v1.0 (75 meg)
  • Extra cars (2008 Bullrun & TPTCC drivers) – 86 hi-res cars (82 meg)
  • 2009 Bullrun 1000 Carset – 33 hi-res cars (52 meg)
  • 2009 TPTCC Carset – 50 hi-res cars (54 meg)
  • Other add-ons

  • Viper sounds – Mildrew. Replaces the Viper sounds (6 meg)