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 Post subject: The Pits Forums Rules
PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2005 7:06 pm 
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These are the rules of The Pits forums.  We provide this as a service to the community, a place to allow you to talk, discuss, find out releases and information, and let others know of your work or questions.  We do not do this for our health, we PAY for this server and we all have real jobs.  Therefore we are not going to be lenient towards those that cannot respect these 10 simple rules.  We will not allow this board to have things go on that happened on our previous boards, we will ban people without question for violation of any of these rules.

Please note that while we (the administrators and moderators of this forum) will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible for us to review every message and hence we will not be held liable for any content not posted by us.

1. Cursing. Certain curse words are not allowed at all, those that directly refer to sexual interaction or what could be determined as blasphemy towards God. D@mn, shi+ and h3ll are not considered in the above category, but it is preferred that your conversation does not entirely or frequently consist of those terms.  Replacing a letter with an apostrophe or other character will not get you off the hook.

2. Inflammatory remarks. Cussing out or flaming other people is not allowed. You are more than welcome to disagree with someone, but cutting them down and calling them names is not good. Disparaging remarks that refer to someone's nationality, country, race, religion, creed or sex is out. General remarks designed to antagonize someone (insinuating they are stupid, ruthlessly degrading something they built) will be considered under this rule and is not allowed. If you have a problem with someone or something that they said (that doesn't break our rules), do NOT air this out on our forum. Take it to email or PM, only then if you cannot fix it there you can contact the admins (see below).

3. Posting links to copyrighted material that is being posted for download without the owner's permission is not allowed at all. Posting a request to modify another author's work without permission is not allowed.

4. If discussing recent racing events, insure that you put the word "SPOILER" in the topic so that people who have not yet watched the race will not have the event "spoiled" by learning what happens.

5. Before asking the question of "How do I...", use the Search function search.php or peruse the DevBlog or the Tutorials before asking questions that someone has taken the time to already answer.

6. Posting pics or links to pics (including videos, MP3s or other forms of media) with questionable material (blatant sex, drugs, disgusting or immoral, insulting to someone's race, religion, sex or cultural beliefs) will be axed just like saying it would. That also includes sigs, smilies or avatars.

7. Posting spam to advertise a website promoting commercial goods or services is forbidden. If you wish to promote a commercial racing or sim-racing product or service, you need to contact The Pits first.

8. Accusations of piracy or copyright violations are NOT ALLOWED on this board.  If you feel that someone is committing a violation of someone's intellectual property, contact the author and let them work it out.  If you are the author, contact the party directly.  Most times things should be worked out before making public accusations.  If you did not get anywhere with violators, THEN you may contact a moderator of these forums to ASK if you can let the public know about it.

9. If a user feels that someone is breaking any of these rules, contact one of the moderators or admins, do NOT take the matter into your own hands. You can also contact the administrator staff at a - d - m - i - n - s (at sign) t - h - e - n - o - r - w - a - y - p - i - t - s (dot symbol) c - o - m

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