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(This was originally posted on NASRAC, but I decided to drop in over here to see if anyone is interested).

I'm not going to go over the details now - especially if there isn't really much interest in it - but I can just give a rundown of how it would be:

- Basically, it'd be very similar to NASRAC, obviously without the coding. Simple and easy to play, hard to master.

- The biggest part of the game will be the inclusion of setups. Now, this is where it's like NASRAC, but also different. The setups will consist of parts of the car, very similar to NASRAC, in which you pick numbers between 0-99. The difference is there won't be stints or anything (I don't code at all), just one set of numbers that you submit. This is where the magic numbers (inspired directly from NASRAC) come in.

- There will be a set of "Perfect Numbers" that are predetermined before the setups are accepted. These are the numbers you will be trying to match. The challenging part is you have no idea what they are, and you only get one chance at it (EDIT: with the inclusion of practice and qualification, you'd actually get more than one try).. Now, before you say "Well great, that means this is completely based on luck...", it isn't, and I'll explain that later.

- The purpose of the setups and "Perfect Numbers" is this: The closer your numbers are to the "Perfect Numbers" (I'm going to abbreviate them "PNs" from now on), the greater the likelihood of your ratings for each specific category to increase for that race. Basically, the closer you are to the PNs, the higher the chance of your ratings being higher for that race. Please note the use of the word "chance". Being close to the PNs doesn't necessarily guarantee that your ratings will increase for that race, it increases the CHANCE that they will increase. This adds another element to the game, because you most likely will not know FOR SURE if you were very accurate or very inaccurate with your setup, which is why it is hard to master.

- Now to the "this isn't based solely on luck" part. There IS a method to this. If you're assertive and analytical, you CAN figure out which setups to use when. This is why teams (VERY MUCH like NARAC) are CRUCIAL in succeeding in this game. The teams with the best minds will and the best teamwork will succeed, and dynasties like X2X will be built. What I'm saying is there will be a pattern to the PNs; I'm obviously not going to say exactly how they will vary, but I will tell you they can be affected by track type, temperature, time of day, wind, past PNs, and more. I find this to replicate real NASCAR well, as setups change with condition. If you "crack the code" in a manner of speaking, you will succeed, and your team will too. Of course unexpected things will happen (crashes, DNFs, mishaps), but if you are hitting the marks on the setup, results will show.

- That's what would make this game so interesting, especially with teams. There will also be a risk factor, like NASRAC, which can increase the likelihood of your ratings improving, but will also increasing the likelihood of your ratings DECREASING. The higher you set the risk, the more each likelihood will affected. So a little risk/reward is in this as well.

- I plan to make this game very structured and organized, with rules for things like teams and team sizes, as well as different series and all that. There are also future developments I'd like to make, like driver attributes increasing and decreasing with training (which I could do but it would take a lot of time to be changing them all the time), as well as practice sessions for every race, where you would submit your setups and I'd run practice sessions, and you would be able to change them as we get closer to race day. It all depends on the interest in this game. I like the idea, and think it could be something that would bring the community back together, and be a very fun game to play. I'd like to have it like NASRAC, with team competition, awards, news, and all that stuff. I think those unique community elements really added to NASRAC being more than just the game, and set it apart from a lot of racing manager games out there, and I'd love that to happen for this.

I'm planning on posting this is the General Discussion forum, as well as PM-ing people about it.


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