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PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:58 pm 
US Pits Crew
US Pits Crew

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For nearly 3 years ISI has provided the modding cummunity a way to deal with multiple car makes in a single "class" of racing. Much like stock cars have Ford, Pontiac, Chevy, and Dodge on track and racing, they are racing each other, not is separate "classes". ALMS puts separate "classes" to use with Prototypes and GT cars, but mods like TPSCC, NAGT, CCWS, VHR, etc are mutliple car types yet racing under the same "class"

However, for years now you mod makers ignore the uber simple "DisplayClassOverride=" function that ISI provided us in 2006 with their generic stock cars.

The only files that need to be changed is the Upgrade.INI files, not VEH files. Add one line at the top of those INI files and you will be doing things the way ISI intended. ISI implemented the ClassOverride function to fix this very scoring issue with multiple makes in a single class.

It is incorrect if you are seeing the different car manufacturers under the CLASS column in game as in the picture below (I used NAGT mod for this example).

You can see the different class positions; Tim Wiens = 1st in the Viper class, Stu is 1st in GTO class and Brandon and Mike are 1st and 2nd in the Mustang class.  It should read the car class not car make. In the case of NAGT it should read "NAGT" or "GT" or what ever you wish to label the class as.

Then, the XML export has two lines: <Position> and <ClassPosition>

The top driver in the XML file (img below) is correct, the bottom driver is incorrect and how the NAGT is (and numerous other mods are) currently configured without the Class Override function. You can see the Tim McArthur driver is listed as
<Position>1 = leading overall
<ClassPosition>1 = leading in class

yet the 2nd paced car of Tim Wiens shows;
<Position>2 = 2nd overall
<ClassPosition>1 = leading in class
This would be accurate ONLY if Tim Wiens would be racing in a separate class (ie, in a Prototype car to my GT car, ala ALMS).


So, in the VEH files...
Classes="..." in game car selection menu system (Mod>Make>Model>Car so user can select NAGT, Dodge, Viper, #1 Viper to select that specific car)
Description="..." gets inserted into <VehName> in XML
Category="..." gets inserted to <CarType> in XML (use this for car make and model, ie "Chevrolet Impalla"). This will also become the <CarClass> in XML by default unless you use the DisplayClassOverride function.

In Upgrades.INI file...
Add "DisplayClassOverride="NAGT" and this is the text that will then display in the <CarClass> line and in the CLASS column in-game, making all cars (no matter what make or model) racing against each other, not all in separate classes like an ALMS race.

Anyway, to see this in a working example, look at the ISI generic stock cars that come with rFactor. ISI gave us this function for a reason so lets use it proper... please!

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I know I'm a bit late on this anyway, as good as it is to highlight one point to modders, ISI shouldn't forget to wrote enough documents for modders. Using what they've done is not enough (as the NAGT example you give) in most cases, and despite lot's of comments in files for example, there is about nothing to helpto create new physics, values still remain like "coming from the magical hat". Support modding community is a good, writing docs is good too, so... please wrote more docs and explain as much as possible rFactor mecanics.



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