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I am not a track maker and have felt my way though the dark on many of the projects I've worked on, just editing other people's work (with their permission, of course) to make tracks work with the GN69/70 and GN63/SNSC70 mods (chassis 5 and/or chassis 1).

Here are some things I need help with if anybody is interested -

Short tracks -
Ona_GN70 - ... a_GN70.rar
Bristol_GN60s - ... ol_60s.rar
Both tracks have the 'correct' amount of banking but it's not done correctly. Instead of the car settling into the banking, it's like the banking is throwing the car to the railing. The pit AI at Ona is bad too and results in pileups.

Speedway -
Darlington_GN60s - ...
The track drives nicely, lap times are more 1966 with the GN63 mod, but the back stretch pit stalls need assigning, caution lights need to be removed, back stretch stands and hill need to be put in and the 'chicken coop' press box needs to be added. The AI don't like T3 since it funnels from wide to narrow so that would be neat to have fixed too.

Road Courses -
Bridgehampton_GN64 - ...
SearsPoint_US70 - ...
Both seem to want to make the car not stay on the track. I've upped the grip levels to compensate but I can run around The Glen with the same car and it feels good. Come to one of these and the car doesn't like to stay on the track. Sears Point, I know for a fact, has a really bumpy track surface that I could never get to be smooth. I got frustrated and let it as it was since every attempt I'd make to smooth it out seemed to make it worse. It's a track I put months and months into and am disappointed I could never get the track correct (just putting the tire barriers around the track took quite some time)

Lost projects - (things I was working on but lost when my hard drive crashed)
Dover_GN69 - I emailed the track years ago asking the simple questions, "How long is the white line around the inside of the track?" and I was told that it is 5280 feet (1 mile). Anybody that's run Dover (or Michigan) in N03 has noticed their lap times are much quicker than real lap times, yet other tracks are pretty close. And that Dover seems quite narrow for being the 'MONSTER MILE' Harry Gant used to run around the top of, right? That's because the N03 version of the track is 1 mile around the outside, not the inside. Somebody took the "NASCAR measures the track 15' from the outside" myth seriously instead of contacting the track and so we're stuck with a 'monster .9 mile' instead of the "MONSTER".
I got into sandbox and expanded the track to 1 mile and was turning lap times like I was going for the 1969 USAC pole position! (GN69ST mod [CTS physics], chassis 5 and 'GN70' [1.127] grip). I then got ambitious and moved the s/f to the backstretch, like it was in 1969.

Michigan_GN70 - Again, this track in game is shorter than the real track. When NASCAR changed to measuring some tracks from the outside, Michigan was listed as being 2.040 (USAC always listed the track as 2 miles, even while NASCAR listed it as 2.040 miles). In 1972, NASCAR was back calling it a 2 mile track. But the game has it a 2 miles around the outside, not the inside and that's why in game lap times are that much quicker.
I got into sandbox, made it 2 miles around the inside and was running dead on lap times of 1970 (before August 16th, NASCAR's first restrictor plate/ring race).

Nashville_GN70 - From 1970 to 1972, Nashville Fairgrounds had the highest banking in NASCAR at a whopping 35 degrees!! (Bristol was advertised as 36 degrees, but that's what I call 'redneck math'. Somebody took the 10 degree apron, added it to the 26 degree track and said "That's 36 degrees!!")
So, I got into sandbox, raised the banking of Nashville_pwf to 35 degrees and was running lap times around the top, avoiding the dips or drop ins that each corner had, like it was 1970.

If anybody would like to help tackle some of these issues or knows somebody that might like to help, and see N03 live on a bit longer, please contact me via PM or email.

Thank you for your time. :yada:


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I know things seriously, and also know the other part of this on the web.

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