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PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 3:01 am 

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I recently started getting into 3do making to help out a friend with his tracks.

I was looking through the mak3do and TSO's documents but i couldn't find a few things.

One for instance would be how to trigger TSO's according to in-game events.

What i am mostly looking for is how to enable animation ONLY WHEN something happens in the race:

For instance: How to link them to the finish of the race, beginning and caution.

I know it's possible because the flag man must have a .psg script attached to him right?

A sample .psg would help mostly in this case (one for each case if helper is generous)

Thank you in advance,

PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:46 pm 

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I think there can only be one s/f flagger any one replaced will ignore the other
I can help you with caution lights. Its all in the script. I made several new caution light animations. For example, This is the exact script I used make tow truck caution animation... You can see it in this video at 1:07


light: MESH_GROUP "caut_towtruck.pas"

offlight: MESH light offlight
light1: MESH light light01
light2: MESH light light02
light3: MESH light light03
light4: MESH light light04
light5: MESH light light05
light6: MESH light light06
light7: MESH light light07
light8: MESH light light08
light9: MESH light light09
light10: MESH light light10

a1: GROUP (light1, light4, light6, light9)
b1: GROUP (light2, light3, light5, light10)
c1: GROUP (light7, light8)
top: GROUP (light7, light8, light9, light10)
hltl: GROUP (light1, light2, light5, light6)
ora: Group (light3, light4, light7, light8, light9, light10)
a2: Group (light7)
b2: Group (light8)
c2: Group (light9)
d2: Group (light10)
all: GROUP (light1, light2, light3, light4, light5, light6, light7, light8, light9, light10)
off: GROUP (offlight)

extLights: STATE_SWITCH VAR caution_light (0 off, 4 a1, 8 b1, 12 c1, 16 off, 20 top, 24 off, 32 hltl, 40 ora, 44 off, 46 a2, 48 b2, 50 c2, 52 d2, 56 off, 58 d2, 60 c2, 62 b2, 64 a2, 68 all, 69)

OUTPUT extLights "caut_towtruck.3do"

Once put into your track through sandbox, there is no animation needed. It animates automatically once the caution comes out.

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